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Photosynthesis represents a natural alternative to the current industrial processes and a deep understanding of this process is expected to help overcoming our present dependence on fossil fuels and reduce connected carbon emissions.


Research in the field of photosynthesis is timely to ultimately develop light-driven industrial processes for the mitigation of the environmental damages, partnerships in the fields of photosynthesis, solar fuels and microbial products.

Main conference topics are

  • Reaction centers: Structure, mechanisms and evolution

  • Water oxidation in natural and bioinspired systems

  • Electron, proton and ion fluxes: regulation and application

  • Light harvesting in oxygenic photosynthesis

  • Light harvesting in anoxygenic photosynthesis and artificial systems

  • Photosynthetic acclimation

  • Biogenesis and maintenance of the photosynthetic apparatus

  • Engineering leaf and canopy photosynthesis

  • Carbon assimilation

  • Engineering and biotechnology of photosynthetic microbes

  • Aquatic photosynthesis: algae and cyanobacteria

  • Ecophysiology of terrestrial photosynthesis

  • Modelling photosynthesis (metabolic and large scale)

  • Photosynthesis and Climate Change

  • New technologies and perspectives 



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Photosynthesis removes carbon dioxide from the biosphere, converting it to organic forms that, apart from driving life in the biosphere, provide mankind with food, feed and raw materials. Improved photosynthesis is therefore the foundation for future food and nutritional security, removing our dependence on fossil carbon, and reversing the rise of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Research into the operation, limitation and genetic foundations of photosynthesis will be an essential part of this technological transition, and ePS2 is the forum where Europe can showcase its tremendous expertise in this complex and largely underdeveloped biological process.  


During the First European Congress on Photosynthesis Research, ePS-1, more than 400 experts in the field of natural and artificial photosynthesis attended our four-day event in Uppsala, Sweden. 

ePS conferences  attracts a highly influential audience from every segment and sector of the Photosynthesis Research, from all over the world. 


SPECIAL OFFER! - Euro 1.000

Your Company logo on

  1. Website

  2. Conference printed materials, if any 

  3. Thank-you slide during session breaks


Exhibiting at the Conference Venue

(WEDNESDAY 26 - FRIDAY 28 June 2024) 

  1. Small table with 2 chairs 

  2. Basic electricity

  3. Wi-Fi

  4. One Exhibitor Passes (no access to Welcome Reception and/or Social Dinner); other company members will need to register to access the conference premises



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Cancellation requests received prior to March 1, 2024, will be refunded, less € 500 processing fees, within 30 days of the request. Due to organizers' advance financial commitments, refunds requested after March 1, 2024, cannot be guaranteed.

Consideration of cancellation requests for refunds received after March 1, 2024, will be processed after the conference.



The ePS2 Organizing Committees retains the exclusive right to approve sponsorship applications and sponsored items (advertisements, bags, lanyards, etc...) 

The ePS2 Organizing Secretariat will not be liable for damage or loss to a sponsor’s or exhibitors’ properties through fire, theft, accident, or any other cause while at the Conference venue whether the result of negligence or otherwise.

Sponsorship is not limited to financial support, but can also take the form of provision of services. ads, publicity, etc. Should your organization be interested in a custom sponsorship package, please feel free to contact us to discuss your offer.



All technical aspects of exhibiting will be sent 30 days prior to the Conference.

It will include

  • Final exhibition details and information

  • Set up/ dismantling

  • Shipping address and instructions

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