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  • Reaction centers: Structure, mechanisms and evolution

  • Water oxidation in natural and bioinspired systems

  • Electron, proton and ion fluxes: regulation and application

  • Light harvesting in oxygenic photosynthesis

  • Light harvesting in anoxygenic photosynthesis and artificial systems

  • Photosynthetic acclimation

  • Biogenesis and maintenance of the photosynthetic apparatus

  • Engineering leaf and canopy photosynthesis

  • Carbon assimilation

  • Engineering and biotechnology of photosynthetic microbes

  • Aquatic photosynthesis: algae and cyanobacteria

  • Ecophysiology of terrestrial photosynthesis

  • Modelling photosynthesis (metabolic and large scale)

  • Photosynthesis and Climate Change

  • New technologies and perspectives 

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